Introducing #Oomf, Twitter’s Best Ever Hashtag

It stands for “one of my followers,” and might also contain the entire spectrum of human experience.

#Oomf has been around for a while, but really blew up this month:

Like all great hashtags, it’s extremely simple and therefore very versatile: it means, simply, “one of my followers.” The basic and infinitely flexible rubric is, “#oomf is,” so, basically, it’s hashtagged, institutionalized subtweeting. And it’s perfect.

4. Some of the tweets are just playful:

#oomf on that stuff...

— MrKuykendall (@DR4)

My 8,900 tweet goes to #Oomf lololol

— Dimple_sex (@Adventure Time . . ⛄)

#Oomf goofy as hell

— Trust_None_But1 (@FUK_|_YO_FEELINS)

9. A ton of them are flirty, wistful, or sometimes more direct than that:

#Oomf im crushing on you!

— RealJojoBelton (@JoSosa Aka DollaBill)

#Oomf should check his dm ………… ♥

— MimmiIsCool (@Mimmi♥)

#oomf is cute.

— iamrobyn__ (@robo.)

Missing #oomf >>> SN: Thinking Bout Em Too

— Wiz_Capone23 (@♏ Rodney Suave ♏)

thinking about #oomf and all the stuff we use to do lol

— Ayoo_Paynee (@Cpayne Richardson)

Im really digging #oomf !

— Tink_keepnit100 (@♥♡→K.Square←♥♡)

oomf #oomf need to come join me in the shower :)

— Latisha97863562 (@Latisha Jones)

16. But what makes this hashtag the best hashtag of all time is the passive aggression. There is SO MUCH ANGER here, it’s #oomf’s raison d’être:

I would say something to #Oomf but I think she hates me.

— Dylan_meyer1 (@Dylan Meyer)

#oomf did not contact me the whole day yesterday! Hmph I see u!

— MsNabou (@Princess Nabou™)

#oomf is seriously overdoin this situation

— WalkByFaith0424 (@B_Deneice_Est42490)

Forever wishing #oomf would text me 😔😟

— Sasha_Kagan (@Sasha Kagan )

i want #oomf to come at me , so i can just shut her the fuck down !

— fuckyoupayme_xo (@FUCKwhatchuheard ♡ ,)

I swear #Oomf gets mad over the dumbest shit...

— SophoMoric_Mind (@PG_5)

#oomf is a 🍎🍏🍌🍈🎂 translation FRUIT CAKE, seeing as #oomf can't see emojis lol

— AyeYoYou_Janky (@Breana Childers♥)

Had a dream about #oomf . Looks like he went to sleep thinkin of me 😊

— Hello_KEEty (@K[hermani]M)

I wonder if #oomf gay .. He take pictures like he is !

— ItweetInsanee (@Na'Shae)

#oomf stalks the cinegram too hard #stopit

— Official_Jama (@Jama™)

#oomf is nice, sweet and cute. But I just see him as like a brother type. 😳

— ariannebia (@Arianne Bia)

#oomf is so fake.

— loverlyanne (@Merisssssa ✨)

#oomf sure was tryna be slick last night.

— 2liveceraela (@Ceraela Lynn.)

#oomf She sucked strangers cock for $100 lol

— WhitneyMorin12 (@Whitney Morin)

#oomf is dumb as fuck right now.

— dHammond_ (@duckling. ✨)

#oomf is being real damn selfish .

— ASAPBeauty_ (@november 24 †)


#oomf ain't nothing but a fuck buddy

— _JoeDirty (@Dirty Mexican)

We talk a lot about the future of Twitter on this site, but I think we might have been on the wrong track the whole time. The real future of Twitter is all #oomf, all the time.

#Oomf gets it. Right #oomf? #Oomf?????

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