Why Pinterest Is The Next Iran

Is Pinterest the next Facebook? Sure! But it’s so much more than that.

It all starts here:

ID: 183255

Makes sense.

ID: 183273

Oh, right. Back up!

ID: 183276

It’s obvious.

ID: 183284

Open your eyes!

ID: 183291

Tastes the same to me.

ID: 183308

Most helpful answer, as voted by users: definitely.

ID: 183317

For young boys, and for us all.

ID: 183324

In NPR I trust.

ID: 183341

Read the sign!

ID: 183348

Never been there, seems legit.

ID: 183358

4/5 stars.

ID: 183369


ID: 183375

Don’t really follow real estate trends, so I’ll take his word for it.

ID: 183381

Foreign Policy is a highly respected magazine.

ID: 183385

This could present a policy challenge.

ID: 183386

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