Here’s What The Next BlackBerry Phones Are Going To Look Like

This is how RIM plans on getting people to switch back to BlackBerry. Uh-oh.

1. Here’s the dialer and home screen:

BlackBerry 10 looks like Samsung’s Android skins, or even Bada.

ID: 747891

2. This is how you answer calls:

Simple, but it ought to be.

ID: 747889

3. The photo roll and camera seem a bit glitchy:

It’s early software, but still.

ID: 747886

4. The notification center is more Apple than Google:

And more confusing than either.

ID: 747888

5. Here’s the whole video.

From Vietnamese forum, via BoyGenius.

ID: 747915

It’s not ugly, and it seems to run fairly smoothly. But those are smartphone OS table stakes circa 2009 — now you need a healthy app store too.

It’s going to be a tough climb back for BlackBerry.

ID: 747942

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