A Staggering iPad Chart

As 2013 approaches, the iPad is still winning the tablet wars. Badly.

Analytics firm Chitika published some surprising data this week: For every 100 visits from iPad users, the sites it tracks received just five from Kindle Fire users, three from Galaxy Tab users, and 0.2 from Microsoft Surface users.

That’s a pretty stark difference. But the chart they used to illustrate it, above, seemed a little off. The Y axis ends at five! But the title suggests a Y axis of 100.

So just what would a hundred-to-five comparison look like here?

3. This is what the chart looks like if you include the iPad:

The data isn’t a perfect representation of sales, but it’s a pretty good representation of where the tablet market is right now. Android is winning the smartphone market, in terms of units sold. But in tablets, it’s barely made a mark.

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