16 People Who Should Just Listen To The Dang Song

Shazam is destroying our brains.

1. Dude

(thanks to @power_crystals for this idea)

ID: 593906

2. Stop it. JUST LISTEN.

ID: 593892

3. There are like, no other words

ID: 593893
ID: 593924

4. Seriously put down your phone

ID: 593894

5. In the time it took you to open Shazam Mick Jagger said “satisfaction” at least three times

ID: 593897
ID: 593898

7. I mean, surely…

ID: 593899

8. Apparently you can get lost in a vocal run

ID: 593900

9. Would you ask your friend what this song is called? A stranger??

ID: 593901

10. I mean I guess it could be the Weird Al one

ID: 593895

11. Eight: The number of times Mariah says the name of this song, in this song

ID: 593904

12. He doesn’t always speak clearly but HE DOES HERE

ID: 593905


ID: 593908

14. Let me see that… ahhhh what is it again? BETTER SHAZAM IT

ID: 593907
ID: 594014

15. Baby baby baby ohhhhhh, baby baby baby aaaaaghghghgh

ID: 594065

16. I give up

ID: 593902

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