How To Handle A Serious Nutella Addiction

For those moments when taking a spoon to the jar won’t cut it.

1. Drink a Nutella milkshake.

ID: 742764

2. Bake some Nutella crunch brownies.

ID: 742771

3. Eat a Nutella and caramelized banana sandwich.

ID: 742782

4. Make these peanut butter–Nutella swirl chocolate chip cookies.

ID: 742789

5. Fry up these Nutella wontons (and dip them in Nutella).

ID: 742792

6. Make salted Nutella fudge. Salt it heavily.

ID: 742794

7. Stuff Nutella into some sugar doughnuts.

ID: 742798

8. …or into some brownie Oreo cupcakes. Also frost them with Nutella.

ID: 742801

9. Make French toast with strawberries. And Nutella.

ID: 742806

10. Coat some bacon with with Nutella.

There is a god.

ID: 742815

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