14 Reasons Jennifer Coolidge Makes Me Want A Hot Dog Real Bad

You look like the Fourth of July! It makes me want a hot dog reeeaaaal bad!

1. 1. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. She is amazing. Allow me to explain why.

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2. 2. She speaks the truth.

ID: 1551891

4. 3. She offers baked goods.

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5. 4. Her impression of Beyonce is spot-on.

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7. 5. She owns a cleaning service, but you cannot get her to come.

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8. 6. She’s really good at the Bend and Snap.

Okay, well she’s working on it.

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9. 7. She can expand her unconsciousness to nearly infinity… while under the influence.

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10. 8. Sometimes she can be a little blunt…

ID: 1551911

11. 9. But don’t worry. She’s hard on herself too.

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12. 10. Her wisdom.

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13. 11. She can rap.

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14. 12. She understands the consequences of Botox.

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15. 13. But is glad those consequences are temporary.

ID: 1552275

16. 14. And finally… THIS.

“…her beagle’s name is Dolly Madison, which is my grandma’s stripper name….. isn’t that a good sign?”

ID: 1552284

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