Why You Really Need To Start Watching Curling This Olympics

You’re missing the best Olympic sport, and you don’t even know it.

1. First off, have you even seen the women who curl?

2. It’s basically like watching supermodels slide around on ice.

Via breitbart

3. Seriously …

4. Even the men are a bunch of hunks

5. And they respect the soul patch

6. Best of all, they’re really weird

7. I mean, look at these guys …

8. History Lesson: curling started as a bunch of drunk Scots throwing rocks around on a frozen pond

They couldn’t even control the stones, so it was more a game of luck than skill.

9. In fact, it was only added as an Olympic sport in 1998

… so you can stop complaining

10. I don’t know why you would, because curling’s the only Olympic sport where you can drink during the game

And even if you lose, the winning team HAS to buy you a beer.

11. You need to watch because of the insane shots that happen almost constantly

You don’t need to understand the yelling to know these shots take a ridiculous amount of skill.

12. Like a run-back double for instance

Good luck with that.

13. Why not make things more difficult and split that double around your own stone?

Piece of cake.

14. And now the double run-back split to sit three?

I didn’t know granite could move like that.

15. So don’t dismiss curling as boring, or a sport for drunk old Canadians (it is)

16. Come on, even Ron Burgandy curled once.

17. And Diddy can throw the in-turn

Youtube / Via

18. Men’s and Women’s both start on Feb. 10, so tune in. And, as always, good curling!

Now look into the eyes of Cheryl Bernard and fall in love.

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