Real World According To The Gilmore Girls

How to deal with the real world according to Gilmore Girls

1. First you cry.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

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2. Drink to get over the sadness.

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3. Recover from the hangover.

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4. Start the dreaded job hunt.

Drag out the suits and brush your hair.

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5. Interviewing is the worst.

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6. Answer ridiculous questions. “Do you like money?’

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7. Somehow make time for your friends.

Clubbing. Drinking. Eating.

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8. Recover.

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9. Wonder why you didn’t get the job?

“Your qualifications exceed our minimum qualifications?”

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10. Grieve when you don’t get your dream job.

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11. Start to go crazy.

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12. Be surprised when you actually get a job.

“I did it? I got a job? Now what?”

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13. Celebrate the new job.

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14. Move out of your parents house.

New apartment. New roommate. Old furniture. Weird smell. Tons of Ramen Noodles.

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15. Start drinking like a sophisticated person.

That means “cigarettes and a glass of scotch.”

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16. Start to dread Mondays even more.

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17. Enjoy your new life.

And don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you along the way.

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18. Live the dream.

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