The TaskRabbits Of Burning Man

Desert-bound techies are paying TaskRabbits to pack, shop, and build DIY art projects. And pretty much rejecting everything the “Playa” stands for.

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Burning Man officially starts this weekend in the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. It’s a weeklong annual experimental community event, where for the week, nearly 50,000 come together to camp out, build massive sculptures and themed camps, dance, do drugs, play music, and yes, burn things.

The tenets of Burning Man are community, participation, self-expression, and self-reliance. It is anti-capitalism: At “La Playa” you can only barter; no cash allowed. Dedicated Burners spend all year building their elaborate costumes, art cars, and structures, ranging from simple yurts to gigantic pirate ships.

But each year, there are increasing complaints about yuppie “weekender” partiers who just don’t get what the “Playa” is all about. People have started purchasing fully equipped luxury RVs instead of building camps. Techies are using it as a networking event. Last year Mark Zuckerberg infamously flew in on a helicopter.

Following that spirit, some are even hiring people on TaskRabbit (or getting their assistant to hire people) to take on the DIY preparation for them — or even just pack their bags.

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3. My boss hired me to hire someone.

ID: 1554851

4. No one will accuse me of being “the Man” on this Segway.

ID: 1554890

5. Wanted: someone who knows what EPIC is.

ID: 1554868

6. Headed to conference. No time to Google goggles.

ID: 1554884

7. Will pay extra for cheap Walmart bike.

ID: 1554863

8. Help with Mac software-enabled packing.

ID: 1554914

9. Ping me post-Steve Jobs movie about a monkey hut.

Yes, this one is from Craigslist, but we couldn’t resist.

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10. Note: We are not some irresponsible kids.

ID: 1558515

11. Hokey Spokes needed stat.

ID: 1558398

12. Bike shop closed. Unsure what flat tire looks like.

ID: 1558536

13. Jellyfish-related repetitive strain injury warning.

ID: 1558627

14. Make that 25 jellyfish.

ID: 1558600

15. Make my handmade gifts for my friends.

ID: 1558617

16. These furry jackets don’t make themselves.

ID: 1558644

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