San Francisco Hits Back Against Its Most Vocal Critic

A start-up founder posted the top reasons why he hates the city. Now locals are giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Yesterday, Peter Shih, Y-Combinator grad and founder of Celery, posted “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition,” a detailed screed against the city on Medium. The item has since been removed, but you can see it in its entirety here.

In the post, which quickly made the rounds online, Shih lists off an unsavory string of people and things he hates, including homeless people and poor dirty people on public buses. Shih doesn’t like the weather either, complaining that it acts “like a woman who is constantly PMSsing.” He had choice worlds for ugly women or, as he calls them, “49ers who are 4’s but behave like they are 9’s”. He even hates the city’s “transvestites” (as he calls them) and bicyclists.

For San Francisco — a city with an already strained relationship with the wealthy tech community — the post has prompted an outpouring of equally harsh reactions online and in the streets.

A post on local blog, Uptown Almanac, entitled Tech Founder Complains About the Shithole City He’s Forced to Make His Millions In,” tagged “Hey Peter Fuck You,” tells him to just go home.

People on Reddit weighed in. While there were those who supported Shih’s complaints — particularly about the poor Public Transit system — many took offense at his language, calling it “misogynistic,” “vitriolic,” “entitled, condescending and annoying.”

“Man, I agree with at least half of his points, and he still manages to make me hate him by the end. That’s impressive. (But seriously, Muni sucks)” wrote one commenter.

3. People have been plastering the SOMA neighborhood with these posters

5. Some are calling for a boycott of his company.

6. Now #PeterShihFacts is starting to trend.

(Note: A few San Francisco insider jokes ahead)

Peter Shih made that America's Cup boat flip over. #PeterShihFacts

— ScottLucas86 (@Scott Lucas)

Peter Shih hacked the reservation system at State Bird Provision to cut you in line. #PeterShihFacts

— ScottLucas86 (@Scott Lucas)

Peter Shih hates cyclists because he heard that jerk @lancearmstrong has one more testicle than he does #PeterShihFacts

— murphstahoe (@murphstahoe)

Peter Shih is the one that told @KTVU those were the legit names of the Asiana pilots. #PeterShihFacts

— thedapperdiner (@Dapper Diner)

Peter Shih is heartbroken that he got here after Medjool closed. #PeterShihFacts

— TheRealWBTC (@We Built This City)

Peter Shih rides a razor scooter to the break-room #PeterShihFacts

— ZachRetox (@Zachary Brown)

Peter Shih reported The Tamale Lady to the Board of Health #PeterShihFacts

— TheRealWBTC (@We Built This City)

#PeterShihFacts Peter Shih thinks its ok to wait 4 hours in line for brunch but waiting for more than 5 mins for a muni bus is a travesty

— GeorgeMcInt (@George By McIntire)

Others though, like Rumpus’ Anisse Gross chose to kill Shih with kindness, penning the embattled entrepreneur his very own love letter to the city.

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