Do You Actually Have A Sense Of Humor?

Knock knock.

  1. Click everything you find funny.
    1. Via bit.ly
      Pup super afraid vet’s ear cleaner.
    2. Via bit.ly
      Kid mistakenly dressed up in pajamas for picture day.
    3. Via bit.ly
      The calm before the storm.
    1. Via imgur.com
      Kick ass!
    2. Fox
      Child Psychiatrist: Where imaginary friends come to die
    3. Via bit.ly
      Yelp guy hates our sandwiches.
    1. Hey girl. “You got Nintendo DS chat?”
    2. Via bit.ly
      Rob Ford being Rob Ford.
    3. Via bit.ly
      Most clever tattoo of all-time.
    1. Pokemon gone wild.
    2. Via bit.ly

    3. Via imgur.com
      Confused horses.
    1. Super-excited bridge.
    2. Via imgur.com
      Can you see Aaron Paul?
    3. Nick
      “Do I look stoned?”
    1. Via bit.ly
      MJ guzzling booze.
    2. Via bit.ly
      “Turn down for what?”
    3. Via bit.ly
      “I don’t even know this kid.”
    1. Seal being a seal.
    2. Via bit.ly
      Mario getting his pipes back.
    3. FX
      Archer being Archer.
    1. Via bit.ly
      Buy this shirt so your child can mop before it walks.
    2. “Happy Birthday Bob Marley”
    3. Via imgur.com
      Selfies with bald eagles.
    1. Via bit.ly
      Honest TV show titles.
    2. Via bit.ly
      LBJ haters.
    3. Via bit.ly
      Derrick Rose mistaken for Denzel Washington.
    1. The ride of a lifetime.
    2. Via 9gag.com
      “Turn down for what!” cried Toad as he popped another molly.
    3. Dude obviously ate too much Taco Bell.

    1. Via etsy.com
      White girls <3 Chipotle.
    2. HBO
      Kenny Powers being Kenny Powers.
    1. Baby Bacchus being Baby Bacchus.
    2. Via bit.ly
      The lamest personalized plates of all-time.
    3. NBC
      “Today’s tasks: Kill self”
    1. Via bit.ly
      Old guy with TP on his ass.
    2. MJ playing BP.
    3. Hi-top.
    1. Via bit.ly
      Burger toes.
    2. Via flic.kr
      Swapped heads.
    3. Via bit.ly
      Pay a little more to avoid that long ass Wal-mart line.
    1. Tyson giving back Holyfield his ear.
    2. Cycle-bombing this wedding photo.
    3. Edible arrangements for bros.
    1. “Smh died fighting for his life.”
    2. Via bit.ly
      Jacobs by Jacobs for Jacobs in a collab with Jacobs by Jacobs
    3. Via bit.ly
      Balloon genitals.
    1. Via bit.ly
    2. Best toothpaste on the planet.
    3. Keely Flaherty / Via bit.ly
      “Fuck the police,” Corduroy whispered.
    1. Life’s a bitch.
    2. When your parents type www.po in your laptop.
    3. Bieber getting pissed.
    1. Creepy ass sewer.
    2. Via bit.ly
      “Achievement unlocked: double hover hand.”
    3. Dramatic extra point.
    1. Via bit.ly
      Mad granny.
    2. Via bit.ly
      Obama posing for the album of the year.
    3. Couldn’t wait an hour
    1. Via bit.ly
      Eminem Animorphs
    2. Via bit.ly
      Now & Lautner
    3. Via abr.ai
      Baracking Bad
    1. White kids can’t jump
    2. Hunter Thompson cutting Johnny Depp’s hair.
    3. Via bit.ly
      Elf Wiz & Santa Hanks
    1. Via bit.ly
      It’s starting to kick in!
    2. Lady Gaga.
    3. Android.
    1. Via imgur.com
      “damn girl you look good as hell”
    2. Via imgur.com
    3. Via bit.ly

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