77 Questions Black People Are Tired Of Hearing

Did you get a scholarship because of your background?

1. Why do you speak like you’re white?
2. Should I call you an African American or just black?
3. Why don’t you act like most black people?
4. When will the “n-word” be socially acceptable?
5. How come blacks say it but whites can’t?
6. Can whites at least sing the “n-word?”
7. Why do blacks always pull the race card?

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8. Do you have a baby momma/daddy?
9. Do you usually date outside your race?
10. Are you only attracted to black girls/guys?
11. You know I don’t usually date blacks, right?
12. Why do black girls have big booties?
13. Why do black guys have big egos?

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14. Are your parents still together?
15. Where are your parents from?
16. You have good hair, are you mixed?
17. Are you sure that’s what you’re mixed with?
18. Are those really your kids?
19. You seriously have white people in your family?
20. How many kids do you have?
21. What are you mixed with?
22. Are you related to (insert random black person)?
23. Are you guys really cousins?
24. Aren’t all black people related?
25. Why doesn’t your name sound ethnic?

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26. Can I touch your hair?
27. Is that your real hair?
28. How does it get like that?
29. Like, why do blacks wear du-rags?
30. Have you ever worn your hair in braids?
31. Do you wear colored contacts?
32. What is a weave?
33. Can black people be racist?
34. What does “white guilt” mean?
35. What does “white privilege” mean?
36. Why don’t white people get ashy?
37. Why can’t whites say “white power?”

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38. So, Popeye’s or KFC?
39. What’s really in purple drink?
40. What is “soul food?”
41. Are watermelons your favorite fruit?
42. Are you drinking 40’s tonight?
43. Do you sip syzzurp?

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44. Have you ever been arrested?
45. Are you amazing at sports?
46. Can you dunk?
47. What does “twerk” mean?
48. What does “ratchet” mean?
49. Are you like, really into rap music?
50. Do you go to a church where people cry and scream?
51. Why are most black people so lazy?

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52. Can black people swim?
53. Why are black people so amazed by magic tricks?
54. How do you feel about ebonics?
55. Are barbershops really like that in the movie?
56. Why do blacks have their own channel?
57. Shouldn’t there be a White Entertainment Channel?
58. Isn’t Bill O’Reilly the worst?

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59. Why do blacks always have an attitude?
60. I have black friends, how could I be considered racist?
61. Did you come up from the ghetto?
62. What are the projects like?
63. Isn’t Lupita N’yongo like, the most BEAUTIFUL black woman ever?
64. Did you LOVE 12 Years A Slave?
65. Didn’t it only win for political reasons?

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66. Do black people tan?
67. Can we compare skin tones?
68. Why do blacks say “aks” instead of “asks?
69. Did you get a scholarship because of your background?
70. Like, are they ever going to let go of slavery?
71. Why do you laugh when comedians tell racist jokes?

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72. What’s up, my brotha?
73. Aren’t you sick of the slavery conversation?
74. How do you celebrate MLK day?
75. Why is there no white history month?
76. Are you happy the president is black?
77. You know I voted for him, right?

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