Your Teenage Expectations Of Adult Life Vs. Reality

You thought adults had it better? Yeah, right.

1. What you thought parties would be like.

2. What they’re really like.

BBC / Via

3. What you thought being able to choose your own meals would look like.

MTV / Via

5. What you thought making out would be like.

Sony Pictures / Via

7. What you thought Friday nights would be like.

8. What they’re really like.

20th Century Fox / Via

9. What you thought driving would be like.

The Samuel Goldwyn Company / Via

11. What you thought sex was going to be like.

Universal Pictures / Via

12. What it’s really like.

Comedy Central / Via

13. What you thought having a job would be like.

20th Century Fox / Via

15. What you thought your bank account would be like.

AMC / Via

17. What you thought cooking would be like.

19. What you thought your first place would look like.

Colombia Pictures / Via

20. What it really looks like.

Warner Bros. / Via

21. What you thought your wedding would be like.

23. What you thought you would be like when you became a parent.

25. What you thought traveling would be like.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

26. What it’s really like.

Nickleodeon / Via

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