10 Times Calvin And Hobbes Broke Your Heart

Get ready to get hit in the feels. posted on

1. 1. When they taught us about forgiveness.

Those aren’t tears, my allergies are acting up. wipes eyes

2. 2. When Calvin called Susie a “booger-brain” and made her cry.

Damnit, Susie. This hits too close to home.

3. 3. When they realized the futility of war.

From the mouths of babes …

4. 4. When Calvin thought Hobbes had been robbed from his home.

Even though he obviously finds Hobbes, the look of sheer panic on Calvin’s face still makes my heart drop.

5. 5. When they found a dead bird, and thought they would understand the world better when they grew up.

As we all know, we never understand, but it’s nice to think that one day we will.

6. 6. When they found an injured raccoon …

8. 7. … And the raccoon, well

10. 8. … And then when they dealt with it.

sniffles Is someone cutting onions in here? sobs

11. 9. When a big dog stole Hobbes, and Susie found him.

Phew! No more tears!

13. 10. When it all ended.

Spoke too soon. wails uncontrollably

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