14 Things You Didn’t Even Realize You Stopped Doing

There’s a place with free books and movies? What is it called again? Library?

1. Booking airline tickets on the phone.

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Although you can still call, most of us book our flights online. That is until a flight is canceled, and everyone thinks they’ll outsmart their fellow fliers by calling the airline directly. Have fun waiting on hold since there aren’t as many operators anymore!

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2. Watching live TV.

Unless it’s sports, and even then DVR-ing saves you the trouble of accidentally coming across that sad Sarah McLachlan animal commercial.

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3. Buying an actual copy of an album.

Not that you would have anything to play it on, since you just bought that Bluetooth speaker system, amirite?

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4. Using fax machines.

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Like the McRib, I thought fax machines had gone extinct in the ’80s. I was wrong on both accounts.

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5. Buying and using actual paper calendars.

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But what else are you going to get the person you have no clue what present to buy for at Christmas?

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6. Writing checks on the regular.

Unless you’re writing checks your ass can’t cash! Hiyo! But really, once a month for rent and shit and even then it’s like, “How do I fill this out again?”

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7. Going to the arcade.

Are there arcades still? How come we still have fax machines but hardly any arcades? I blame the polar vortex.

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8. Handwriting letters.

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Hell, just writing with your hands in general. And don’t even get me started on cursive…

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9. Going to the library.

E-books and Amazon are quickly killing the need to go the library. Unless, that is, you’re in a strange town and really need to use the restroom because then it’s like, “Thank the lord/government for all these libraries!”

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10. Reading/subscribing to the paper.

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Ewwww. All that ink rubbing off on your hands? No thank you. And all those “stories” and “news”? Double gross.

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11. Doing math by hand.

Have you tried splitting the bill at a birthday party dinner with just pen and paper? Yeah, me either. That’s why God invented the phone calculator, duh.

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12. Having a house line.

I haven’t had a house line since college and that was — *gets out calculator* — many years ago. People with house lines are like unicorns. Unicorns with dependable telecommunication.

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13. Creating photo albums.

But what happens when Facebook and Flickr go kaput? What will happen to your memories of “Our FUckin Cray CraY Cabo Vacay 2012” then?

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14. Actually using physical maps to navigate.

Lol “physical map.”

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