17 Things You Would Really Like Your Doctor To Say To You

You know, besides “It’s not a tumor.”

1. “Pizza really isn’t that bad for you.”

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2. “Don’t worry, that’s supposed to look like that.”

3. “The results came back… Seems you have a case of being awesome.”

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4. “Here’s my personal phone number. Feel free to call me anytime you’ve spent too much time on WebMD and have convinced yourself you’re dying.”

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5. “I know the lollipops are for kids but feel free to take as many as you want.”

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6. “Open up and say what kind of ice cream you would like.”

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7. “Next time no waiting room. Just tell them you’re here to see me and come right on back.”

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8. “The good news: You are healthy. The bad news: I actually don’t have any bad news.”

9. “My hands are cold so I won’t be touching you today.”

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10. “If you’re holding in a fart just let it go. I don’t mind.”

11. “Does exercise really work? Who knows?”

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12. “Time for your shots…of whiskey!”

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13. “Please, keep your clothes on.”

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14. “That mole looks weird, let me… Wait, it’s just chocolate. My bad.”

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15. “I hated Patch Adams.”

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16. “Your weight is perfect and you carry it well.”

17. “Don’t worry, the bill has been taken care of by the handsome gentleman over there.”

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