15 Signs You’re Ready To Start Your Vacation

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

1. You keep checking the time.

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2. And the status of your flight.

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3. You also keep checking the weather forecast.

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4. You eat lunch early in order to make time go faster.

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5. You keep wondering if there is anything you forgot to pack.

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6. You start panicking that there might be traffic.

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7. You keep asking people about their vacation plans so you can talk about yours.

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8. You realize that you have not done any work for the last 45 minutes, because you’ve been staring at the clock.

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9. You get your stuff ready to go way sooner than you need to.

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10. You try and see how long you can go without checking the time.

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11. And then you check the gawd damn time.

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12. You begin to think that the clock is broke.

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13. You think that time is mocking you.

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14. You begin to hallucinate.

ID: 2179589

15. You realize hardly any time has gone by at all.

BBC / Via mibba.com

But hey, at least we’re in this together…?

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