15 Quotes On Procrastination You Should Read Later

Or whenever.

1. Oh, you’re actually reading this. That’s impressive.

ID: 1858335

2. Did you get up and putter around a bit? Thought as much.

ID: 1858275

3. Really, I’m sure you have more pressing things to do.

ID: 1858307

4. That crossword from last week isn’t going to finish itself, ya know?

ID: 1858394

5. This is probably a good time to see what’s in the fridge.

ID: 1867537

6. What did you get? Oh, you got sidetracked by the thought of getting a gym membership. I understand.

ID: 1868100

7. I think this may be a good time to finally send those Thank You cards that have been sitting on your desk.

ID: 1868230

8. Yeah, you’re right, it would be weird to send Thank You cards, since so much time has passed.

ID: 1868278

9. How about maybe finishing that report you — Hey, where’d you go?

ID: 1868474

10. I thought I heard the ice cream truck, too. No worries.

ID: 1868579

11. But seriously, you can’t keep putting off stuff. It’s time to change.

ID: 1868706

12. Focusing on tasks is the name of the game.

ID: 1868818

13. First things first, make a list of things that need to get done.

ID: 1869495

14. Now, just start checking them off one by one and — Hello?

ID: 1869545

15. You stopped reading this a long time ago. But if I know you, you’ll come back to it. Someday.

ID: 1869684

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