20 Questions You Never Want To Be Asked By Your Significant Other

And the perfect answers for them.

1. Why are you acting like that?

Answer: “I’m not.”

ID: 1601625

2. Did you just fart?

Answer: “Maybe.”

ID: 1601728

3. How much did that cost?

Answer: “Not much.”

ID: 1601658

4. Are you mad at me?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1601592

5. Does this make me look fat?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1601616

6. Where is this relationship going?

Answer: “To the top.”

ID: 1601685

7. You look tired. Are you tired?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1601669

8. Am I still attractive?

Answer: “Yep.”

ID: 1601711

9. So how’s the job search going?

Answer: “Fine.”

ID: 1601787

10. Out of our friends, who would you sleep with?

Answer: “Shhh.” Then lean in for a kiss.

ID: 1601802

11. Have you gained weight?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1601858

12. Is that what you’re wearing?

Answer: “Yep.”

ID: 1601865

13. How many people have you slept with?

Answer: Lie.

ID: 1601855

14. Want to see my cousin’s performance art piece?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1604701

15. What’s wrong?

Answer: “Nothing.”

ID: 1601874

16. You love my lasagna, right?

Answer: Smile and keep eating.

ID: 1604386

17. Does this hat look stupid?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1604441

18. Who did you vote for?

Answer: “Who cares?”

ID: 1604609

19. You won’t mind if my mom stays with us this weekend, right, boo?

Answer: “Nope.”

ID: 1604686

20. Where do you want to eat?

Answer: “Chili’s.”

ID: 1601772

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