Movie Quotes As Equations Are Insanely Hilarious

It’s like math and movies had an awesome baby.

The good folks at Flowing Data put together the American Film Institute’s top 100 movie quotes into chart form. Basically, they’re quotes as mathematical equations and completely hysterical.

ID: 2294950

Some highlights being…

ID: 2294957

1. The Shining

ID: 2294985

2. The Terminator

ID: 2294986

3. Titanic

ID: 2294987

4. The Wizard of Oz

ID: 2294988

5. A Few Good Men

ID: 2294990

6. Taxi Driver

ID: 2294991

7. Casablanca

ID: 2295091

8. The Godfather II

ID: 2295092

9. Dr. No

ID: 2295093

10. The Sixth Sense

ID: 2295095

(h/t io9)

ID: 2294996

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