22 Most L.A. Moments Of 2013

This is what happens when it’s a cool and balmy 72 degrees year-round.

1. When Whole Foods began selling vinyl records.

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2. When this restaurant for dogs opened on Fairfax and Santa Monica.

ID: 2093385

3. When this warning sign appeared.

ID: 2083690

4. When this lady and her best friend went out for margaritas

ID: 2083640

5. When this woman was paid for what she does best.

ID: 2083711

6. When the city became overrun with juice bars.

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7. When these Bichons went for a walk.

ID: 2083716

8. When Spiderman almost revealed his secret identity on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 2084083

9. When this woman did yoga on the sidewalk.

ID: 2083838

10. When that portal to New Jersey opened up on Santa Monica Blvd.

ID: 2084114

11. When David Lynch released his coffee line but no pie line.

ID: 2084264

12. When this apparently happened.

In HELLA traffic because Obama is kickin' it at Micheal Jordan's house. #OnlyinLA




In HELLA traffic because Obama is kickin’ it at Micheal Jordan’s house. #OnlyinLA

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13. When local weather man Dallas Raines matched the map behind him.

ID: 2084485

14. When Lacey Chabert discovered this wondrous invention.

You guys, I just saw a vending machine at the mall selling caviar for $500 #onlyinLA

— Lacey Chabert (@IamLaceyChabert)

Lacey Chabert


You guys, I just saw a vending machine at the mall selling caviar for $500 #onlyinLA

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ID: 2084559

15. When this guy turned a Starbucks into a drum kit.

ID: 2084930

16. When Corey Feldman had a book signing at The Grove.

ID: 2085189

17. When the LAPD almost arrested Jesus.

ID: 2085366

18. When this dog took a taxi for dogs.

ID: 2085448

19. When this trash can happened.

ID: 2085471

20. When these cool dudes went cruising during Chanukah.

ID: 2083511

21. When this sale went down.

ID: 2085677

22. And when this tanning salon went full Britney.

ID: 2083527

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