22 Problems Only Men Will Understand

Rogue boners all day every day.

1. Peeing with a boner.

Bandai Entertainment / Via gifbay.com

Evolution is a cruel mistress and this was a serious design flaw.

ID: 2957207

2. Sitting on your wallet all day and getting a sore butt cheek.

This is a strong example in the case for having man purses.

ID: 2957254

3. When your balls uncomfortably stick to your legs.


ID: 2957294

4. The dreaded multi-stream.

20th Century Fox / Via reddit.com

One stream, two stream, three stream… Time to wipe the wall.

ID: 2957240

5. Shaving in general.

Three Lions / Via Getty Images

Ugh. Why can’t I just have a scraggly, patchy beard? DAMN YOU, SOCIETY AND ITS LOVE OF SMOOTH CHEEKS.

ID: 2957350

6. Rogue boners out of nowhere.

Cartoon Network / Via die-for-dethklok.tumblr.com

Cool breeze? Boner. Checking email? Boner. Getting some ice cream? Double boner.

ID: 2957389

7. When swim trunks show off your junk.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

Thanks, swim attire designers!

ID: 2957569

8. Having your penis shrink to a nubbin after being in cold water.

NBC Universal / Via makeameme.org

We have all been there, and sadly, will be there again.

ID: 2957626

9. The fact that blue balls are real.

I really wish they weren’t real, but like gluten allergies, they really are.

ID: 2957739

10. The fear of somehow getting kicked in the nards.


The threat is around you at all times. The question isn’t how it will happen but when?

ID: 2957778

11. Using the word “manscaping.”

Can’t we just call it what it is, which is pube-trimming? Oh, and can we all agree that a No. 2 guard is the perfect length?

ID: 2957915

12. Getting hair in all the wrong places.

Bob Martin / Via Getty Images

Just what I needed, a permanent sweater.

ID: 2957938

13. Losing hair in all the wrong places.

NBA / Via reddit.com

Not everyone has the magical Tim Duncan as a friend who can cure their male pattern baldness like that.

ID: 2957984

14. The embarrassment of being caught checking someone out.

This is why sunglasses with dark lenses were invented.

ID: 2958021

15. Crying during movies about fathers and sons.

Walt Disney Studios

::: sobs quietly :::

ID: 2958120

16. Crying during movies about fathers and sons and sports.

Universal Pictures

::: bawls :::

ID: 2958232

17. Getting over the hover hand.

Eventually you go from kid on the right to kid on the left, it just takes some time.

ID: 2958323

18. Having sex and finishing too soon.

Don’t worry, it happens to this best of us. Actually, it happens to all of us.

ID: 2958406

19. That is, when you don’t have a, well, hard time getting it up.


If you’re not there yet, congrats! Enjoy it while you still can, since there will come a day will you wonder why you got a random boner during Top Chef but now ain’t nothing happening.

ID: 2958471

20. Walking behind a woman on the street and worrying that she thinks you’re following her.

Studio Ghibli / Via gif-database.tumblr.com

But it would be weird to yell, “I’m not following you!” Right?

ID: 2958568

21. Worrying that you will be/are a good father and partner.

This is why some men run but real men stay.

ID: 2958799

22. The pressure to be society’s standard of “manly.”

Not all men look the same, love the same, are the same. So screw the haters and do you, because the manliest thing you can do is be yourself and love those around you. Oh, and cry during Field of Dreams.

ID: 2958992

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