If Oscar Nominated Films Had Pixar Titles

It’s weird how well they work.

Paramount Pictures / Via impawards.com

A young monster with something to prove tries to rise to the top, but at what cost?

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What happens when you’re alone in space and have to use fire extinguishers as thrusters?

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A grumpy elderly man goes on the adventure of a lifetime with a good-natured kid, played by Will Forte.

ID: 2411550
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A man will do everything he can to protect the one’s he loves, even though he should’ve never left home in the first place.

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When it’s harvest time will you be the grasshopper or will you be the ant?

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How can an inanimate object feel so alive?

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The Weinstein Company / Via filmblerg.com

All families have secrets, and some are more powerful than others.

ID: 2411555

8. And while not nominated, this fit all too well.

Universal Pictures / Via digitalspy.com

It’s not if you win or lose, but how you cross the finish line.

ID: 2411562

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