“House Of Cards” As Told By Someone Who Has Never Seen It

It’s about magicians, right?

1. WARNING! There are spoilers ahead but I wouldn’t know since I don’t watch the show, but people who do watch the show say that there are.

I know everyone has watched this show but I haven’t, so sue me. What I did do is search Tumblr for images and GIFs to summarize what this show is all about. Here are my findings.

ID: 2481405

2. This is Frank Underwood.* He’s a senator?

*I know that from the tag that was under the GIF.

ID: 2481316

3. Frank is a no-nonsense kind of guy, who isn’t going to let a receding hairline hold him back.

In fact, he will rock it with enthusiasm.

ID: 2481488

4. He was also an aspiring animator but had to put that dream on the back burner.

ID: 2481754

5. Everything Frank says is extremely deep.

ID: 2481816

6. This is his wife, Bossbitch.gov.*

*Also what this was tagged as.

ID: 2481327

7. I think she has anger issues.

ID: 2481956

8. This is their daughter. Her name is Zoe.

Netflix / Via zozeroni.tumblr.com

She seems like a tough cookie. Probably has some issues with her parents.

ID: 2481372

9. Frank is close to Zoe.

ID: 2481875

10. Wait, I’m confused.

ID: 2481879

11. Uh…

ID: 2481883

12. Moving on, Zoe misses trains a lot.

ID: 2481629

13. Plus, Major Dad from Major Dad is in it. He thinks everything is funny.

Netflix / Via notkatniss.tumblr.com
ID: 2481500

14. Anyway, Frank and Bossbitch.gov seem to be pretty open sexually, which is pretty cool for politicians.

ID: 2481459

15. After they have threesomes they enjoy dinner and wine and looking at each another.

ID: 2481556
ID: 2481557

17. The real mystery of the show is the “him” that they hate so much.

Netflix / Via notkatniss.tumblr.com
ID: 2481589
Netflix / Via notkatniss.tumblr.com
ID: 2481599
Netflix / Via notkatniss.tumblr.com

Who can it be? Sen. Torkleson? James the intern?

ID: 2481592

20. Also, Linda keeps coming in and messing stuff up.

Whoever Linda is, that is.

ID: 2481669

21. What everyone DOESN’T know is that their every move is being watched by this guy named Cashew and his talking guinea pig.

Netflix / Via superfuffa.tumblr.com
ID: 2481689

22. However, Frank is writing every thing he does down so as not to be blackmailed since he will have his own paper trail.

Netflix / Via wissywigg.tumblr.com
ID: 2481718

23. Ultimately, the show is about people who like to look at the camera and give soliloquies.

Netflix / Via aliciavikandr.co.vu
ID: 2481870

24. Like, they loooooove looking at the camera.

Netflix / Via arimelber.tumblr.com
ID: 2481976

25. Yep, this show is probably awesome and I think I nailed what it’s all about. Right, Frank?

Netflix / Via wissywigg.tumblr.com
ID: 2481830

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