46 Hilarious Halloween Knock-Off Costumes

Because when you’re not allowed to sell a “Dr. Who” costume, a “Doctor Professor” costume works just as well.

1. “Archer Jacket” aka “Totally not Katniss from The Hunger Games

ID: 1746642

2. “Courageous Forest Princess” aka “Totally not Merida from Brave

ID: 1746573

3. “Western Gunman” aka “Totally not Clint Eastwood from A Fistful of Dollars”

ID: 1745567

4. “Scottish Warrior” aka “Totally not Braveheart

ID: 1745591

5. “Wonderlicious Woman” aka “Totally not Wonder Woman”

ID: 1745627

6. “Deluxe Candy Man” aka “Totally not Willy Wonka”

ID: 1745698

7. “Cyberspace Fighter” aka “Totally not Neo from The Matrix

ID: 1745712

8. “Doctor Professor” aka “Totally not Doctor Who

ID: 1745738

9. “Grey Wolf Pajama” aka “Totally not Max from Where the Wild Things Are

ID: 1745770

10. “Realistic Caribbean Pirate” aka “Totally not Captain Jack Sparrow”

ID: 1745789

11. “Magnificent Witch” aka “Totally not Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

ID: 1745805

12. “Giggles the Clown Creature Reacher” aka “Totally not a clown from Killer Klowns From Outer Space

ID: 1745831

13. “1920s Star” aka “Totally not Charlie Chaplin”

ID: 1745855

14. “K Billy Skin Suit” aka “Totally not Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

ID: 1745880

15. “Iconic Fab Four Costume” aka “Totally not a member of The Beatles”

ID: 1745903

16. “Mens Boy Scout Costume” aka “Totally not Russell from Up

ID: 1745921

17. “Yellow Jacket Detective” aka “Totally not Dick Tracy”

ID: 1745944

18. “Bandido” aka “Totally not Zorro”

ID: 1745956

19. “Hip Hop Hamsta” aka “Totally not one of the hamsters from those Kia Soul commercials”

ID: 1745977

20. “Cruele Lavillian” and “Evil Madame” aka “Totally not 101 Dalmations’ Cruella de Vil”

ID: 1746219

21. “Womens Red Player” or “Purple/Green Plumber” aka “Totally not Super Mario Brother-related”

ID: 1746075

22. “Fierce Feline” aka “Totally not Catwoman”

ID: 1746090

23. “Workout Video Star” aka “Totally not Richard Simmons”

ID: 1746106

24. “High School Werewolf” aka “Totally not Michael Jackson when he turns into a werewolf in the Thriller video”

ID: 1746118

25. “High Society Dress” aka “Totally not Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

ID: 1746159

26. “English Nanny” and “Chimney Sweep” aka “Totally not characters from Mary Poppins

ID: 1746183

27. “Futuristic Element” and “Fifth Dimension” aka “Totally not Leeloo from The Fifth Element

ID: 1746564

28. “Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit” aka “Totally not The Avengers’ Black Widow”

ID: 1746228

29. “Korean Pop Star” aka “Totally not real-life Korean pop star Psy”

ID: 1746294

30. “Lone Cowboy” aka “Totally not the Lone Ranger”

ID: 1746333

31. “Sexy Playtime Bunny” aka “Totally not a Playboy Bunny”

ID: 1746347

32. “Malibu Maniac” aka “Totally not Charlie Sheen”

ID: 1746352

33. “Duck Hunting Hat Grey Beard Kit” aka “Totally not Si from Duck Dynasty

ID: 1746365

34. “Dangerous Business” aka “Totally not Tom Cruise in Risky Business

ID: 1746378

35. “Sexy Movie Star” and “Cartoon Rabbit” aka “Totally not Jessica and Roger Rabbit”

ID: 1746396

36. “Muscle Sailor Shirt” aka “Totally not Popeye”

ID: 1746406

37. “Sexy Wizard” aka “Totally not a sexy female version of Harry Potter”

ID: 1746451

38. “State Trooper” aka “Totally not Super Troopers

ID: 1746469

39. “60s Swinger” aka “Totally not Austin Powers

ID: 1746502

40. “Grey Suit” aka “Totally not Dr. Evil”

ID: 1746512

41. “Insurance Lady” aka “Totally not Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials”

ID: 1746522

42. “Adult Starfish” aka “Totally not Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants

ID: 1746534

43. “Short Short Sheriff” aka “Totally not Lt. Dangle from Reno 911!

ID: 1746545

44. “Adult Satyr” aka “Totally not Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

ID: 1746553

45. “Women’s Tomb Fighter” aka “Totally not Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

ID: 1746582

46. “Japanese Ninja” aka “Totally not Naruto

ID: 1746623

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