28 Facts That Will Make You Question Everything


1. Certain turtles can “breathe” out of their butts.

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2. Elephants can die from broken hearts.

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3. The founders of Adidas and Puma were not only brothers, but Nazis.

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4. You are more likely to be killed by an asteroid than to win the lottery.

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5. Breathing Mumbai’s air for one day is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes in a day.

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6. The moon gets 1.5 inches farther from the Earth every year.

This is due to the Earth’s tides and the gravitational tug-of-war they have with the moon.

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7. On average, you will spend 92 days sitting on the toilet in your lifetime.

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Which equates to around 1 hour, 42 minutes per week on the porcelain throne.

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8. Laughing while being tickled is actually a panic response from your body.

It is part of the same response when you unexpectedly feel something like an insect crawling up your leg.

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10. Bulls are not affected by the color red, since they are color-blind.

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11. Baby koalas have to eat their mom’s poop in order to digest the vegetation around them.

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12. The actual scientific name of the western lowland gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla.

A gorilla’s genus, species, AND subspecies names are all “Gorilla.” So, all together, it’s “Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla.”

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13. If Facebook was a country, its more than 1 billion users would make it the third-largest country in the world.

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14. At least four actors who portrayed the Marlboro Man died from smoking-related illnesses.

Dan Callister / Via Hulton Archive
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15. The Star Trek theme song actually has lyrics.

Bertil Unger / Via Hulton Archive
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16. The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Dock Ellis once threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid.

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17. People have found used condoms being recycled into elastic hairbands in China.

Feng Li / Via Getty Images
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18. One time, 2,500 fish were killed by a teddy bear.

Universal Pictures / Via villains.wikia.com

The stuffed animal accidentally fell into a pool at a hatchery and clogged a drain, thus blocking the flow of oxygen and suffocating the fish. Yikes.

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19. After missing a shot, a young man was killed by his own golf club.

Universal Pictures / Via fanpop.com

Out of frustration, he used the club to whack a bench, which broke and unfortunately bounced back straight into his heart.

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20. In 2010 a Korean man married his pillow.

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21. Dr. Ruth Westheimer trained as a sniper in Israel.

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22. The remains of Charlie Chaplin were once stolen and held for ransom.

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23. In 1946, Walt Disney Studios produced an animated short about menstruation.




It was made on commission for the International Cello-Cotton Company, and was used in classrooms up until the 1960s.

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24. Graham crackers were named after a man who thought healthy eating could fight lust.

Sylvester Graham was a 19th-century minister who proselytized the benefits of a vegetarian diet to suppress one’s sexual appetite.

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25. A South African man woke up in the morgue after being presumed dead from an asthma attack 21 hours earlier.

20th Century Fox / Via nextweekinsports.com
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26. In 2013, the Daily Mail found that fast-food restaurant ice may be dirtier than toilet water.

Flickr: andyonflickr / Via Creative Commons
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27. A man received over 1 million frequent-flier miles after cashing in the coupons from 12,150 cups of pudding.

Colombia Pictures / Via threebakingsheetstothewind.com

He spent a little over $3,000, but the value of the miles was over $150,000.

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28. In 1996 a Swedish couple tried to name their son Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, pronounced “Albin.”

Paramount Pictures / Via lookinglikethedoctor.tumblr.com
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