23 Dogs Trying Really Hard To Enjoy Their Birthdays

Birthdays are ruff.

1. “Enough with the smooches! Is there even cake here?”

ID: 2646497

2. “What do you mean I can have just one cupcake?”

ID: 2646625

3. “A cake made of meat. How original.”

ID: 2646628

4. “So where’s the rest of my treats? Surely this can’t be it.”

ID: 2646629

5. “This outfit is coming off in 3… 2… 1…”

ID: 2646630

6. “Well, now I see why you said ‘formal attire’.”

ID: 2646635

7. “Seriously, this cat toy is killing my vibe.”

ID: 2646637

8. “Yay! Birthday! Wait, this isn’t the park.”

ID: 2646642

9. “FML.”

ID: 2646643

10. “Cool, it’s… food?”

ID: 2646648

11. “No presents, no smiles.”

ID: 2646650

12. “Every. Damn. Year.”

ID: 2646654

13. “This is the appetizer, right?”

ID: 2646659

14. “I take it you’re not mad at me for destroying the wall anymore?”

ID: 2646773

15. “I guess wrapping presents is too much to ask nowadays.”

ID: 2646775

16. “Champ, wake up! The cake is finally done.”

ID: 2646777

17. “I’m wishing that you will turn the lights on. I mean, what gives?”

ID: 2646780


ID: 2646820

19. “I’m not disappointed, I’m just well… I guess I am disappointed that there are no treats.”

ID: 2646824

20. “Just because you are doing a paleo diet doesn’t mean I want that for my birthday. No! Don’t take it! I’ll eat it.”

ID: 2646834

21. “So when you said there would be cupcakes, you meant a cupcake basket? Harumph.”

ID: 2647067

22. “This looks so — Hey, where you taking my food?”

ID: 2647088

23. “Next life, I’m being born a cat.”

ID: 2647090

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