25 Bathroom Signs That’ll Make You Pee Yourself

::: Fart noise :::

1. Listen up, ladies.

ID: 2450024

2. Some people just never grow up.

ID: 2450045

3. This sign seems like it would be in the NRA’s bathroom.

ID: 2450053

4. So does this one.

ID: 2450057

5. This person who created their own font, becausethey were so disgusted.

ID: 2450061

6. This response sign that is making the best of the situation.

ID: 2450032

7. The new Nike slogan?

ID: 2450064

8. LOL — Wait, are you talking about me?

ID: 2450073

9. What a beautiful poem.

ID: 2450255

10. I think this sign is also aimed at me, but whatevs.

ID: 2450081

11. That’s what the secret flavor is!

ID: 2450089

12. Preach.

ID: 2450097

13. I like how after the fifth question the poster gets self-reflective.

ID: 2450106

14. “Much professional. So no nonsense,” Doge says.

ID: 2450113

15. U mad, second floor?

ID: 2450116

16. Raytheon getting put on blast after they did the same thing to the toilet.

ID: 2450261

17. PWNED.

ID: 2450272

18. The fact that they drew a picture to make a point makes this even more intriguing.

ID: 2450129

19. Teachers can’t be blatantly mean, but they can be blatantly passive aggressive.

ID: 2450136

20. And that’s why Tom was never heard from again.

ID: 2450144

21. This transcends all cultures and languages.

ID: 2450155

22. Looks like someone has been eating at Chili’s.

ID: 2450158

23. Do panty hose normally flush? Like, is this the normal procedure?

ID: 2450168

24. Just a word to the wise, is all.

ID: 2450175

25. This should be in every bathroom from now until kingdom come. Amen.

ID: 2450151

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