7 Highly Scientific Reasons Why Ice Cream In Cake Cones Are The Best Cones

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream in cake cones.

1. Their ergonomic shape not only makes them easier to hold, but also helps to keep your hands from getting sticky.

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2. Due to their flat bottoms, cake cones don’t leak like their cousin, the waffle cone.

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3. The ingeniously designed little crevices are perfect for the storage of melting ice cream.

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4. They are structurally built to handle three scoops of ice cream easily.

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5. Heat transfer is stymied due to the delicious yet styrofoam-like texture.

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6. Cake cones have half the calories of waffle cones, thus proving their superiority.

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7. With a cake cone, scientists* have found that each bite is perfect, especially the last one.


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