15 Manicures For Miyazaki’s 74th Birthday

Let’s celebrate with Ponyo and Totoro!

1. Soot Sprites

They had a meeting and decided to move out of the attic and on to your nails.

ID: 1815479

2. Ponyo

Without ham, unfortunately.

ID: 1815482

3. Ponyo’s little sisters

Because we can’t all be Ponyo, can we?

ID: 1815507

4. Haku and No Face

So you’ll be ready for the bathhouse

ID: 1815488

5. Totoro

The #1 accessory for playing the ocarina

ID: 1815499

6. Minimalist Totoro

For the child-like soul with a day job.

ID: 1815503

7. Castle in the Sky

Art to make Laputa proud

ID: 1815534

8. Kiki and Jiji

Special delivery!

ID: 1815528

9. Calcifer

That nail art is HOT!

ID: 1815541

10. Tree Spirits


ID: 1815566

11. Minimalist Forest God

A less chilling approach to Princess Mononoke

ID: 1815569

12. Nausicaa

Note: Apply extra clear coat before battling giant mutant bugs

ID: 1815583

13. Pom Poko

What could be better than shape-shifting Tanuki!?

ID: 1815593

14. Miyazaki Combo

Instantly befriend anyone who gets every reference.

ID: 1815595

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