These Nasty Gal Prom Dresses Will Definitely Get You Sent Home From Prom

Damn, girls.

1. Nasty Gal just unveiled its “anti prom” prom collection.

ID: 2573738

2. The company says it wants to offer “an alternative to those expected long princess gowns and tiaras with a rebellious assortment of everything a gal needs to celebrate the big night in her own way.”

ID: 2573995

3. NG’s alternatives are pretty daring. What can you expect?

ID: 2574127

4. Boob chainmail.

ID: 2574013

5. Crop tops.

ID: 2574145

6. Is that blood?

It kinda looks like blood. Also, more bras.

ID: 2573732

7. Plastic bows.

ID: 2574235

8. Then again, the collection is called “anti-prom.”

And the most anti-prom thing of all is getting kicked out of your high school dance.

ID: 2574182

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