A Definitive Ranking Of All Of “The Bachelor” Finale Dresses

No, this is the MOST shocking rose ceremony in Bachelor history.

Last night, the 18th season of The Bachelor wrapped up.



Much-maligned bachelor Juan Pablo picked Nikki over Clare. (Psst that’s Clare NOT HAVING IT).

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Nikki ostensibly “won” Juan Pablo, but screw that. Who cares about that guy? It’s all about the dresses.


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There’ve been 43,545 seasons* of The Bachelor and dresses on the show tend to follow similar styles.


*OK, fine, there have actually been 18 seasons, not counting spin-off shows like Bachelor Pad and its gender swap version, The Bachelorette.

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But back to the finale dresses. They’re usually long, flowy, and either feature a one-shoulder or sweetheart neckline design.

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Presented from worst to best, here are The Bachelor looks…

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22. Check out her glove game. TIGHT.

Nick Ray / ABC / Via Getty Images

Courtney Robertson (Season 16)

ID: 2592070

21. Just eh.

ABC / Via

Jenni Croft (Season 11)

ID: 2592456

20. “I’m ready for our tango class.”

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Helene Eksterowicz (Season 2)

ID: 2592350

19. Ocean blue, one-shoulder and be-blinged.

Rick Rowell / ABC / Via Getty Images

Clare Crawley (Season 18)

ID: 2592269

18. Well, it’s yellow.

ABC / Via

Melissa Rycroft (Season 13)

ID: 2592601

17. It’s possible she had secret intel on the finale — she wore white to the final rose ceremony.

Mark Wessels / ABC / Via Getty Images

Emily Maynard (Season 15)

ID: 2592137

16. Crepe-y.

ABC / Via

DeAnna Pappas (Season 11)

ID: 2592445

15. Could be worse.

Bevin Nicole Powers (Season 10)

ID: 2592491

14. Sparkly!

Jennifer Wilson (Season 9)

ID: 2592371

13. Pretty-ish.

Tessa Horst (Season 10)

ID: 2592471

12. Much sparklemotion.

Dave Hagerman / ABC / Via Getty Images

Lindsay Yenter (Season 17)

ID: 2592226

11. Hitting all the Bachelor passion points: Tight, gold, one-shoulder.

Dave Hagerman / ABC / Via Getty Images

Catherine Giudici (Season 17)

ID: 2592184

10. Glitter bomb.

Sarah Stone (Season 8)

ID: 2592512

9. So flowy! (Too flowy?)

ABC / Adam Larkey / Via Getty Images

Chelsea Wanstrath (Season 12)

ID: 2591871

8. Empire-waisted.

ABC / Mark Brendel / Via Getty Images

Tenley Molzahn (Season 14)

ID: 2591879

7. Keeping it simple.

ABC / Via

Estella Gardinier (Season 4)

ID: 2592770

6. Gathered one-shoulder look (again).

ABC / Mark Brendel / Via Getty Images

Vienna Girardi (Season 14)

ID: 2591888

5. Nice decorative shoulder fluff!

Mark Wessels / ABC / Via Getty Images

Chantal O’Brien (Season 15)

ID: 2592118

4. A short dress! (WHAT?)

ABC/ADAM LARKEY / Via Getty Images

Shayne Lamas (Season 12).

ID: 2591421

3. Way classy!


Mary Delgado (Season 6)

ID: 2592361

2. Purple and cowl necked!

Rick Rowell / ABC / Via Getty Images

Nikki Ferrell (Season 18)

ID: 2592267

1. So many ruffles.

Nick Ray / ABC / Via Getty Image

Lindzi Cox (Season 16)

ID: 2592170

And if you’re already in Bachelor withdrawal, don’t despair.

Rick Rowell / ABC / Via

Season 18 third-runner-up Andi Dorfman was just confirmed as the next Bachelorette. We’re sure there’ll be a flowy gown or two on that, too.

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