31 Times Destiny’s Child Proved They Were The Best Thing Ever

Too bootylicious? NEVER.

1. The time they went for caveman chic.

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2. The time they dressed as intergalactic crime fighters.

ID: 3115362

3. The time they stole your mom’s cruisewear.

ID: 3115369

4. The time there was a sale on this fabric and Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and DC went HAM.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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5. The time you wondered how the outfits actually even stayed on their bodies because hello, look is that magic?

Jason Kirk / Getty Images
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6. The time Michelle obviously lost a bet and wound up with the weird bellbottoms.

Chris Weeks / Getty Images
ID: 3115422

7. The time when Tina Knowles went a little Bedazzler crazy.

Okay a lot Bedazzler crazy. River of dazzles.

ID: 3115424

8. The time Destiny’s Child stole a bunch of Boy Scout uniforms.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 3115425

9. And then stole some outfits from the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader’s locker room.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Fringe is the LIMIT.

ID: 3115426

10. The time they fashioned outfits from Party City party favors.

ID: 3117608

11. The time they wore so much gold lamé.

And leather wrestler belts.

ID: 3115432

12. The time they went for Pocahontas chic.

George De Sota / Getty Images


ID: 3115433

13. The time they accessorized with tiny versions of themselves.

Mario Tama / Getty Images
ID: 3115434

14. The time Michelle tried to make berets happen.

ID: 3115884

15. And then Beyoncé tried to make them work.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

Sorry Bey, even you can’t pull it off.

ID: 3116296

16. The time things got embarrassingly patriotic.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
ID: 3115885

17. The time there was a buttload of satin.

ID: 3115886

18. The time Kelly got the short end of the stick.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images


ID: 3115889

19. And then Michelle was gifted wildly elaborate sleeves.

ID: 3116299

20. The time they booty-shorted their way into our dreams.

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ID: 3116051

21. When THIS happened.

Steve W. Grayson / Getty Images
ID: 3116288

22. And this.

George De Sota / Getty Images
ID: 3116290

23. When Kelly redefined cutting edge cleavage.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

What do you call a mid-boob slit?

ID: 3116294

24. When things got fuzzy.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 3116297

25. The time they tried to blend in.

ID: 3117648

26. When they dressed like gypsies.

ID: 3117666

27. The time Michelle got to stand in the middle (but it was only because she also had to wear the ugly hat.)

ID: 3117691

28. When Destiny’s Child proved they were survivors.

(Or at least that they had a hook up at an Army-Navy surplus store).

ID: 3117719

29. When sheer shirts off-the-shoulder shirts were EVERYTHING.

ID: 3117742

30. The time that they copped a super chill around-the-way vibe.

Look at baby Beyoncé!

ID: 3117757

31. And of course, the time they basically invented #FLAWLESS.

ID: 3117781

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