29 Clothing Problems Every Short Girl Has

#ShortGirlProblems rule everything around me.

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1. Finding the perfect miniskirt is a challenge.

Instead, your “minis” come down to your knees.

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2. Ditto for maxi skirts and dresses.

Lots of tripping over the hem happening.

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3. You could shop in the kid’s section, but that doesn’t account for boobs



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4. You could also buy your jeans there, but children’s jeans don’t really have room for grown lady hips.

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5. When you budget for clothes, you always have to factor in an additional $15 or $30 for tailoring.

Or risk looking like a schlub.

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6. You spend years searching for the man of your dreams: A tailor you can trust.

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7. And then if you move, you have to go through the nightmare process all over again.

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8. Shopping online is impossible.

The models are always way taller so there’s no way to tell how clothes are actually going to look on you.

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9. But shopping in most retail stores offers up a different kind of indignity.



Asking shopkeepers to get things off the top shelf for you.

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10. Everything is oversized, so you look like a kid playing dress up in her mom’s clothes.

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11. That goes double for when you actually have to get dressed up.

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12. Sweaters that are, you know, sweater length on others, are dress length on you.

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13. Ditto for oversized tees.

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14. Trends like extra-wide-legged pants?

Forget it.

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15. Midi skirts are totally impossible.

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16. And thigh-high boots? Ha!

No way.

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17. Outerwear never fits.

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When you wear a raincoat, it looks like you’re wearing Morpheus’s leather duster The Matrix.

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18. Three-quarter length coats hit below the knee on you.

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19. Jacket sleeves are always too long.

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20. Which means they inevitably end up torn.

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21. You’ve been wearing high heels since forever.

The plus side? You can walk in them like a pro. The downside? Your toes! Your POOR TOES!

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22. Accessories sometimes overwhelm your small frame.

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Though, okay, we can all admit this particular flower is extremely large and in charge.

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23. Tights, even, are often too baggy.

One size fits all? Not exxxxaaaaaacccctly.

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24. The darts on your dresses never quite line up right.

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25. Your jeans are constantly in your way.

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26. You step on them, with terrible results.

Que disastre!

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27. Even leggings can be long and bunch up on you.

Even dear, sweet leggings will betray you.

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28. You know you should hem your pants, but sometimes you’re just like:

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29. And then there’s capris.


Too long to be worn as actual capri length, but too short to be worn like regular pants. SUPER FRUSTRATING.

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But shorties do have the upper hand on some things.

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You can always hem long pants and make them shorter. But you can’t make short pants longer.

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You can shop in both the regular and petite sections, too.

So it’s not all bad news!

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So keep your heads up, shorties!

(And keep your hems out of the puddles. )

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