21 Shaving Struggles All Girls Know To Be True

The stubble struggle is real.


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And for many of us, that means the return of shaving season.


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1. You spend all winter comfortably ensconced in your furry shell, and then summer rolls around and you’re rudely made to reveal yourself once more.

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2. Getting a good shave can take a loooooong time.

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3. So long, there’s always a chance your hot water could run out.



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4. And it requires a buttload of shaving cream.

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5. If your razor’s not absolutely fresh and sharp, you run the risk of nicking yourself.

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6. But if it’s too sharp and fresh, you’ll likely cut yourself too.

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7. You’ve always been told to shave “with the grain of the hair” but that leaves tons of extra hair.

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8. But shave against the grain and you could end up with a nasty case of razor burn.

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9. There are certain totally murderous spots on your legs that you manage to cut every. single. time.

Your shins, your knees, and, oh, who are we kidding? Your whole leg is one bloody mess, am I right?

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10. And similarly, patches you seem to always miss, that you’ll obsessively think about all day.

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11. And shaving commercials LIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE.

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12. And razors cost soooo much money.

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13. But the worst is when you forget your nice, cushy razor at home and have to settle for a complimentary cheap and painful Bic number.

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14. Which never fails to take off a piece of your skin in its sharp little teeth.

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15. But that’s far from the only shaving struggle. Ingrown hairs plague you and keep you from having smooth, model-perfect legs.

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16. The bumps! SO MANY BUMPS!

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17. And most showers simply don’t allow you to get in a very good position to shave.

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18. You have to be a gymnast.

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19. Or a ninja.

(Or at least a Ninja Turtle).

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20. And literally two hours after you’ve given yourself a perfect shave, the hairs start sprouting back again, thicker and coarser than ever.

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21. And you start the vicious cycle all over again.



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