25 Vintage Art Dogs With More Exciting Lives Than You

All of them. All of them have better existences than you.

1. This dog, who not only just saved this girl, but even retrieved her hat.

“He Is Saved” by Edwin Henry Landseer at The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

2. These terriers, putting on a show.

“Comical Dogs” by Edwin Henry Landseer at The Victoria and Albert Museum.

3. This greyhound, just checking out this dude’s sword.

“Boy with a Greyhound” by Paolo Veronese at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4. This dog, pulling off satin blue ribbon like you never could.

“Portrait of a Woman with a Dog” by Jean Honoré Fragonard at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5. This dog, taking charge of the situation.

“A Jack in Office” by Henry Edwin Landseer at The Victoria and Albert Museum.

6. This pup, getting some reading in before resting against a tent of crimson silk.

“Miss Mary Edwards” by William Hogarth at The Frick Collection.

7. This little guy, mulling over a sunset.

“A Mother’s Duty” by Pieter de Hooch at Rijksmuseum.

8. These poochie pals, grinning at each other over a scenic organic supper.

“Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare” by Gustave Courbet at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

9. This little guy, just pretending the plague isn’t happening because YAWNSVILLE it’s always happening.

“St. Roch Curing the Plague” by Jacopo Tintoretto at The Harvard Art Museum.

10. These dogs, just chasing a unicorn.

“The Unicorn Defends Itself” from “The Unicorn Tapestries” at The Cloisters.

11. This dog, with a tassled bed all to himself.

“Dog on Bed” by Andrew Wyeth at The Farnsworth Art Museum.

12. This dog, getting some bunny tail ;)

“Book of Hours” by France of Flanders at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

13. This furball, with the best view in the house.

“Chushingura: Act VII of the Storehouse of Loyalty” by Kitagawa Utamaro at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

14. This fluffy bro, dealing you a hand.

“The Trickster” by Edwin Henry Landseer at The University of Dundee Fine Arts Collections.

15. This yorkie with immortalized tri-color highlights!

“Ludovic Lepic Holding His Dog” by Edgar Degas at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

16. These hounds, having a stand-off in the middle of the day.

“Five Hounds in a Landscape” by George Stubbs at the Tate.

17. This pug on a better boat date than the little mermaid.

“Young Lady on a Boat” by James Tissot (privately owned.)

18. This sleepy pup, being better decor than that urn or bundle of twigs.

“Still Life with Sleeping Dog” by Gerrit Dou at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

19. This fuzzy boo, trying to decide if he’ll have the ham or the lobster.

“Still Life” by Adriaen van Utrecht at The Getty Center in Los Angeles.

20. This pup, taking a shot at life.

“Portrait of a Young Gentleman Out Shooting” by George Stubbs at the Tate.

21. This spaniel, chilling on a red satin cushion with bodyguards and a parrot.

“Hector, Nero and Dash With the Parrot Lory” by Henry Edwin Landseer (privately owned.)

22. This (disembodied head of a) dog, just having a time.

“Saint Roch” by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo at The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

23. These foxhounds, having a successful barnyard rager.

“The Bitchpack of the Meath Foxhounds” by John Emms (privately owned.)

24. This border collie, repping straight gold.

“Portrait of Colonel John Bullock” by Thomas Gainsborough (privately owned.)

25. And this retriever, casually rescuing this guy like nobody’s business.

“Rescued” by Herbert Dicksee (privately owned.)

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