43 Unsung Heroes Of Ukraine’s Anti-Government Protests

As the anti-Yanukovych rallies continue, many are displaying their support in any way they can.

1. The people tying little ribbons to the officers’ shields.

ID: 2066000

2. This family on a very special outing.

ID: 2064796

3. These united armwarmers.

ID: 2064688

4. This woman with hope in her eyes.

ID: 2064797

5. This couple, ready to go up against anything.

ID: 2065020

6. This outspoken parakeet.

ID: 2066039

7. This man, rising through the mist.

ID: 2064730

8. This girl, taking a brief break from fighting for justice to brush back her hair.

ID: 2064749

9. This German Shepherd with a thirst for change.

ID: 2064812

10. This flag, still vibrant even in darkness.

ID: 2064769

11. This pair of raincoats, marching forward.

ID: 2064771

12. This caped warrior taking in her surroundings.

ID: 2064981

13. This solitary ribbon.

ID: 2064681

14. This mother and daughter, yearning for a better future.

ID: 2064880

15. This man, exchanging a word with the police.

ID: 2064896

16. This bird’s eye view of protesters en route.

ID: 2064897

17. This badass chick, taking a peaceful selfie.

ID: 2065028

18. This family, having a moment of solidarity.

ID: 2065097

19. This girl, about to get in on the action.

ID: 2065111

20. This dynamic duo, taking the streets by storm.

ID: 2065194

21. These balloons, sticking together no matter what.

ID: 2065139

22. This fantastic lady who refuses to be suppressed in any capacity.

ID: 2066201

23. This baby bear at the height of democratic glory.

ID: 2065351

24. This man sharing a moment with this pup.

ID: 2065171

25. This baby, voicing the need for a reliable government.

ID: 2065239

26. This tiny bow of support.

ID: 2064701

27. This pro-Europeon Union pug.

ID: 2065273

28. Lazarski University, showing its unyielding support.

ID: 2065524

29. This little patriot.

ID: 2067099

30. This simple little hand flag, ready to wave.

ID: 2065991

31. This fashion-forward and politically-conscientious baby.

ID: 2066033

32. This onlooker, observing the incredible events around him.

ID: 2066081

33. This clan of little drummers.

ID: 2066120

34. This man, praying for what the Orange Revolution hoped to accomplish nine years ago.

ID: 2066141

35. This little boy, willing to wait as long as it takes.

ID: 2066149

36. This young woman, crumpling her flag in rage because enough is enough.

ID: 2066155

37. This amazingly clever sign (and the man holding it).

ID: 2066244

38. This politically-active pomeranian.

ID: 2066252

39. This pair, in it whether it rains or shines.

ID: 2066308

40. This man, forever marching forward.

ID: 2066335

41. This woman, who rides with freedom.

ID: 2066318

42. This man carrying his tiny companion through thick and thin.

ID: 2066351

43. And, of course, Superman himself.

ID: 2065279

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