19 Reasons You Should Get A Pixie Cut (If You’ve Always Wanted One)

Follow your heart when changing your head.

1. Your cheekbones will look AMAZING.

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2. And your ears will be très mignonnes.

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3. It takes a weight off your shoulders…LITERALLY

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Fantine is clearly singing about the freedom that is chopping off five inches of heavy hair.

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4. You can wear tons of makeup and still look elegant.

Getty / Stephen Lovekin

The short hair balances out even the thickest of eyeshadows.

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5. And you can wear the loudest of clothes without looking tacky.

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6. You’ll have SO many more halloween options.

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Columbia from Rocky Horror + pretty much any male character you can think of.

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7. Styling is SO EASY. Like “wash, dry, add gel and leave” easy.

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer /

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer /

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8. Hot weather is suddenly a lot more tolerable too.

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9. You’ve always wondered what you’d look like with short hair.

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Do you really never want to find out?

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10. It provides your previously dyed, split-endy hair with the cleanest slate imaginable.

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11. It also feels like an emotional fresh start.

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12. It takes guts to sport, whether you chopped off a few inches just because…

ID: 2038199

13. …Or you’re regrowing your hair after beating the odds.

ID: 2038238

14. All you need to look sleek and edgy is a palm full of hair gel.

ID: 2038392

15. You could be as beautiful and stylish as Ginnifer and the Jennifers:

Chelsea Lauren / WireImage

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters


(Which should totally be a band, btw.)

ID: 2038488

16. Everyone will be OBSESSED with your new hair.

Paramount Pictures / Via

People get really excited about pixie cuts.

ID: 2039153

17. You can channel classic film icons Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow.

Paramount Pictures /

ID: 2038590

18. It’s also just hair, dude. Unless you’re Rapunzel from Tangled, it’ll grow back.

And Flynn did say he dug it ;)

ID: 2038872

19. You only have one life, so what are you doing not having the hair you want?

Konichiwa / Via
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