23 Things Only “Nice Guys” Do

They all deserve a hat tip.

1. Nice guys are endlessly giving people.

2. They are multi-faceted and very layered.

3. And they have a pretty legendary sense of style.

4. More than that, they are pros at polite declinations.

5. And they always know how to look on the bright side.

6. They really look out for their friends.

7. Because they know who their true enemies are.


8. They always speak from the heart.

9. Because they have so much love to give.

10. They know how to treat their loved ones right.

11. Because they are, at their core, very tender and loving.

12. They only fall for real women.

13. But they’re also willing to give anyone a chance.

14. They recognize which people are the most important to them.

15. And they’re always around to lend a helping hand.

16. They are ambitious go-getters who know what they want.

17. And boy, do they know how to woo a lady.


18. They are well-read and always speak intelligently.

19. But that isn’t to say they can’t speak freely and passionately.

20. They’re always working towards self-improvement.

21. But they also aim to help others see the light as well.

22. Because they see you for who you truly are, and they just want to help.

23. Basically, they’re puuuuurrfect.

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