21 Cute Ways To Channel Christmas Without Being Tacky

Be totally corny on the inside without totally giving it away on the outside.

1. Knit sweater, $19.95


For those who don’t like color but love Christmas.

2. Snowflake earrings, $10.99

Snowflakes are subtle and yet so glorious.

3. Reindeer leggings, $29.99

Pair with a red toggle coat and brown leather boots and you’ll be as radiant as Rudolph.

4. Taffy necklace, $36.99

This tiny wrapped candy necklace gives your outfit the right amount of sugary sweetness.

5. Festive socks, $10.99

Socks are always a good way to go all out without going too far.

6. Knit sweater, $64.99

Rule: You can only get away with a Christmas sweater if it has some kind of macabre twist.

7. Christmas pudding jumper, $45.37

Pay tribute to the best part of Xmas: THE FOOD.

8. Tube scarf, $19.95


A red-green combo that’s easy on the eyes.

9. Snowflake dress, $89.10

Simple and pretty.

10. Snowflake trunks, $18.15

In case you’re really secretive about your feelings toward the winter season.

11. Knit sweater, $19.95


If you are going the Christmas sweater route, this is a safe yet festive choice.

12. Christmas cookie earrings, $16.95

Wear these while (hopefully) eating the life-size versions.

13. Oversize crew sweater, $29

The ironic sweater = a seasonal must-have.

14. Vintage bow necklace, $38

Bling is OK if it’s Betsey Johnson.

15. Cotton sweater, $59

For those who always loved the reindeer more than Santa.

16. Embellished beanie, $40

A skull cap with rhinestones = instant holiday spirit.

17. Metallic dress, $158

Shimmery red dresses are never quite as spectacular as they are on the holidays.

18. Snow landscape sweater, $72.60

The perfect thing to wear when actually immersed in a snowy landscape.

19. iPhone case, $9.95


Let your phone take the blow of Xmas glitz for you.

20. Holiday tie, $24

Tiny angry cats in hats? Why not?

21. T-shirt, $14.95

Or you can just own up to your unabashed Christmas spirit and wear this!

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