18 Benefits Of Having A Sarcastic Best Friend

To all the Jane Lanes out there.

1. They have an internalized phoniness detector unlike any other.

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2. So with them, you have no choice but to be yourself.

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3. Together, you poke fun at the madness that is living on this earth.

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4. And you have someone to help you mess with people constantly.

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5. As well as someone to deal with the surprised reactions afterward.

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6. You can be as gross with them as you want.

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7. And no one will finish your sentences as well as they do.

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8. Sometimes, they’re the only ones bold enough to question your life choices.

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9. Or just tell you how it really is.

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10. And when they do tell you the truth, it’s always very creatively-worded.

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11. And around them, you always feel more grounded.

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12. But they’ll also make you feel better when you’re insecure in the most satisfying way ever.

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13. And they have by far the best comebacks for your arch rivals.

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14. When they apologize, they keep it real and spare you the mushy dramatic hugging.

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15. And, in general, they avoid disingenuous moments by undercutting everything with humor.

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16. As a result, you have some of the realest conversations you’ve ever had with them.

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17. Because you both know who you are and are fine with sticking out.

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18. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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