23 Times "Parenthood" Made You Cry Happy Tears

Besides, you know, ALWAYS.

1. When Max became student council president.

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And his speech:

“I’m very tenacious, it means being very persistant. I’m like this because I have something called Asperger’s. Having Asperger’s makes some things very difficult for me, like looking people in the eye or saying hello, so I don’t do those things very often. Some things also come very easily to me, because I have Asperger’s, like being smart and remembering almost everything. It also means being tenacious. Some people say that having Asperger’s can sometimes be a bad thing, but I’m glad I have it, because I think is my greatest strength.”

2. When Amber messed up big time but Sarah supported her anyway.



3. When Crosby convinced Julia that she was a great mom.



4. When Adam and Kristina leapt into Max’s world instead of trying to “fix” him.



5. When Kristina felt overcome by her chemo treatment and Adam stood by her.



6. When Julia finally understood that Sarah is a good parent.



7. When Sarah supported Amber’s decision to marry young — no matter how difficult it was.

8. When Haddie forgave Amber for the sake of family.


9. When Hank awkwardly blurted this out because he obviously still loves Sarah:




10. When Ryan proposed to Amber the way she wished he would.


11. All the times Sarah consoled Drew, whether over his absent father or his first relationship issues.


12. When Sarah’s earnestness shone through all the way back in the pilot.



13. When Crosby compromised on a mini van once his family got bigger.



14. When Amber hinted at actually liking Sarah as a mom.


15. When Camille realized she had to do things for herself sometimes, even if it meant going to Italy alone.


You do you, Millie. You do you.

16. When Christina and Adam helped Max be the new student council president by teaching him to embrace new experiences.


Like dancing!

17. When Ryan visited Sarah and promised to be good to her daughter.



You’re worthy. Join the fam.

18. When Drew got into college and the whole family went crazy from joy.


19. When Julia sat outside Victor’s school all day to make him feel better.



20. When Amber told Seth how she really felt all those years he was absent from her life.



It needed to be said.

21. And when Julia and Joel legally adopted Victor.



22. When Adam and Christina celebrated her new cancer-free status by taking a much-needed vacation.

NBC/Parenthood / Via

23. And, most importantly, when the Bravermans just knew how to have fun :)



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