30 Fictional TV Products Everyone Wants To Own

C’mon, you know you wanted to own Anjelica Pickles’ Cynthia doll.

1. Cynthia, Rugrats


Dream House not included with purchase.

2. Slurm, Futurama


But how addictive? We must know!

3. DHARMA Initiative, Lost


Actually, leave the beans. But take the tequila.

4. Tantrum, How I Met Your Mother


We could all use a little caffeine now and then.

5. The Cornballer, Arrested Development


Dangerously delicious.

6. Buddy Bands, Saved By The Bell


All the cool kids have them! Even Zack!

7. Mr. Sparkle, The Simpsons


Because Duff Beer exists. And look at those eyes!!

8. Valyrian Steel Sword, Game of Thrones


It would just make your outfit.

9. Cheesy Poofs, South Park

Comedy Central

Approved by even the harshest of critics.

10. Milk Master, Friends

NBC / Via

With it, you too could have milk everyday! Joey repped some other great products. Like this one.

11. Ichiban, Friends


It’s suitable for any skin tone!

12. Let’s Potato Chips, Community


Community, New Girl, OITNB, Arrested Development, Parenthood, Every Show Ever
Technically we get the real deal and TV-world doesn’t. But who cares? I’d rather have the fake if that’s what the Bluths are eating. By the same company who makes…

13. Heisler Beer, New Girl

Citytv / Fox

New Girl, HIMYM, CSI, Desperate Housewives, It’s Always Sunny, Most Other Shows
The drink of choice in TV-world.

14. Reptar Bars, Rugrats


Ohmigod YUM.

15. Alamo Freeze, Friday Night Lights


Preferably served up by Matt.

16. Log, Ren & Stimpy


There is no companion like it.

17. Brockman Beer, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


With the official beer of Paddy’s Pub, let the good times roll! Or very quickly turn into a disastrously weird situation.

18. Acme Corporation Products, Loony Tunes

Warner Bros.

Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote & other Looney Tunes series
Talk about a monopoly.

19. Binford Tools, Home Improvement


Would totally work so much better than that joke set you own now.

20. The Rural Juror, 30 Rock


You need a copy of this STAT.

21. Krabby Patty, Spongebob Squarepants


Nothing like it this side of the ocean.

22. Tommy Fresh, Parks and Recreation


From the genius mind of Tom Haverford.

23. Snake Juice, Parks and Recreation


Who also created another disaster-in-a-bottle, among many other gems.

24. Flying Car Briefcase, The Jetsons

Hanna-Barbera Productions

How has nobody devoted their life to making this?!

25. Dunder Mifflin Paper, The Office


If you still use paper.

26. Zoey Backpack, Zoey 101


Handmade by avant garde designer Zoey Brooks.

27. Dino-crane, The Flintstones


This would be super handy.

28. Finder-Spyder, Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad, Weeds, Heroes, The X-Files, etc…
Definitely works better than Google.

29. Rochelle, Rochelle, Seinfeld


Bette Midler stars in the Broadway adaption. It must be good.

30. Kimmunicator, Kim Possible


Because you need to reach her!!

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