This Guy’s Impression Of An Excited Girl Is Just Too Perfect

Conspiracy theory: he swallowed a tiny woman.

1. Youtube user Ryan Clark uploaded this video of Matt Bittner, an actor and sound designer, impersonating a super excited girl.

It appears that Matt works for the “The Ride,” which is a NYC bus experience for tourists who wish their lives were a flash mob. In the uncanny girl voice, Matt talks about “Much Ado About Nothing,” which closed on Sunday as part of “Shakespeare in the Park.” We’ve reached out to make sure it is legit but haven’t heard back yet. Related life advice: never believe anything you read on internet websites.

2. But listen to what happens when you bump the pitch up on the part when he’s talking in his normal voice:

Can you hear it? It’s the same voice, just slightly different.

3. Either this guy swallowed a tiny, excitable woman…

4. …or he is a master of disguise.

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