An Illustrated Guide To Slowed-Down “Drunk In Love”

Cigars in pools of tepid water.

This is a slowed-down version of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.”

There is so much going on here.

ID: 3146650

1. This version is more like being drunk and in love with your ex.

ID: 3147661

2. Or a very exhausted person at the end of a night of karaoke.

ID: 3146898

3. There’s something about it that’s kinda like jumping in slow motion on a frozen trampoline.

ID: 3149106

4. Or this carnival ride gone horribly wrong.

ID: 3147980

5. The opening sounds like an accordion being played by a demon child.

Or being stepped on by the exhausted parent of said demon child.

ID: 3146847

6. And when you’re about halfway through, it’s like you’re trying to wake up in the middle of the night from a drug-induced haze.

ID: 3148148

7. It’s also akin to this driving experience:

Grand Theft Auto/Rockstar Games / Via
ID: 3148633

8. And towards the end, the carnival ride has gone to a bad place.

20th Century Fox / Via
ID: 3148704

9. And then, there’s this moment where it sounds like what you do when you’re too drunk to talk.

Sony Pictures / Via


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10. And it’s slow and clumsy like you when you agree to go to a third bar on a Tuesday night.

ID: 3148900

11. But there’s this part of it that’s somehow profound.

ID: 3149034

12. No wait, it’s terrible. Not profound.

New Line Cinema / Via
ID: 3149535

13. Or is it…? Yeah, kinda like being on so many drugs that you can’t quite move.


This little guy is having trouble dealing with the weird effects in this track.

ID: 3147917

14. Yes, it’s like that moment in a horror movie where the character approaches something scary.


ID: 3149153

15. It’s kind of like Lil Wayne’s imagination on sizzurp.

What does Lil Wayne dream about? This song.

ID: 3149188

16. Or a little dangerous, like playing laser tag but with one person who has a real gun.

ID: 3149363

17. But there’s something intensely gratifying about it, too.


There’s a slow, sweet kind of weird thing going on.

ID: 3148798

18. You know, it’s kind of like angry underwater Beyoncé.

ID: 3149449

19. But really, the ultimate thing this reminds you of is that you better go listen to “Drunk in Love” because it is still the best jam.

Columbia / Via
ID: 3149506

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