21 Vital Elements Of A Fun, Super Addicting Korean Drama

It’s simple, really.

1. A lovable female protagonist!

So cute! So spunky!

ID: 2506607

…but she usually has a “handicap.”

i.e. She’s poor.

ID: 2506799

She’s “chubby.”

ID: 2530983

She’s uncouth.

ID: 2530984

Or probably worst of all, she’s mistaken for a guy.

ID: 2506823

2. A rich, snooty hot guy.

Usually traveling with his gang of “flower” boys (pretty boys).

ID: 2523537

Often times featured in unnecessary shower scenes.

ID: 2523473

Or kinda necessary.

ID: 2523530

3. Girl & Guy (for some reason or another) have to work together.

(Matching uniforms are optional.)

ID: 2523565

Maybe at a coffee shop.

ID: 2524412

Or even in the same band.

ID: 2524456

4. Or carry on a fake/contracted relationship.

Either due to legal/property issues…

ID: 2524470

Or promises grandparents made years ago.

ID: 2524506

5. An intense love/hate relationship ensues…

There’s nothing that says “I love/hate you” like spitting food in his face.

ID: 2524520

You disgust me…

ID: 2524525

…but you kinda turn me on???

ID: 2530959

6. Until the tension becomes insurmountable.

ID: 2524497

7. Cue the super-addicting song that will play 10000x

So that you’ll start having Pavlovian emotional responses the moment you hear the opening melody.

ID: 2524527

8. Then, come the awkward kisses.

The girl always has her eyes open.

ID: 2524540

Wha chu lookin’ at?

ID: 2524545

9. And then the beautiful back hugs.

Because regular hugs are so overrated.

ID: 2506756

So lovely.

ID: 2524559

10. Some obstacles might be in the way…


Evil moms!

ID: 2524569

Evil girls.

ID: 2524599

We swapped bodies (Freaky Friday style!)

ID: 2524611

He’s a dude… (not really!)

ID: 2524659

11. And then come the tears. Lots of them.


It hurts so good.

ID: 2473963

12. And lotsa slaps.

ID: 2524669

Girl on girl.


Guy on guy.



Every combo possible.

ID: 2524739

13. Usually a makeover scene.

ID: 2524746

14. The romantical moments at Han River.


Something about this river is magic…

ID: 2524752

15. There’ll be lots of delicious eating that’ll make you hungry at midnight.


But how do they stay so thin!?!?!

ID: 2524768

16. At some point, the girl might get superdrunk.


Drink my sorrows away.

ID: 2531015

17. Which could lead to piggy-back rides.

(the ones featured here are sober, but the important thing is that there should at least be one piggy-back ride per drama.)

ID: 2531018

18. And of course - can’t forget the dude who always gets friend-zoned.

This other guy in the drama is just as attractive/rich/hot as the lead male, except he’s actually sweet and loving towards the girl. But sadly, NEVER GETS THE GIRL.

ID: 2524769

And though she might want to honor her parents…

ID: 2524773

19. The sad truth is…

The asshole always gets the girl.

ID: 2524780

20. And 30 excruciating/amazing/emotionally draining hours later, they’ll live happily ever after!


<3 <3 <3

ID: 2531002

21. And this will be you.

ID: 2524793

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