9 Reasons Why Women Can Have It All

It’s not just a man’s world anymore.

1. They can be CEO and pregnant.

Marissa Mayer became the new CEO of Yahoo on the same day she announced her pregnancy. Talk about multitasking.

2. They kick ass.

3. They can develop hit video games.

Jade Raymond produced “Assassin’s Creed” while working at Ubisoft Montreal. Who says girls don’t play video games?

4. They start their own fashion company even though they’re born into privilege.

Stella McCartney is the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney and has her own eponymous international clothing line.

5. They can marry a prince and keep their sense of style.

Kate Middleton married Prince William to officially become Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Thankfully royal protocol hasn’t gotten in the way of her impeccable taste in fashion.

6. They drive better than you.

Danica Patrick is the most successful woman in American open-wheel racing. She’s so good that Robby Gordon, a fellow racer, claims that she has an unfair advantage since women weigh less than male drivers. Go figure!

7. They’re more popular than their husbands.

Michelle Obama consistently polls more favorably than her husband. No wonder Democrats ask for her to help them campaign.

8. They make everyone laugh.

Comedy has always been a boy’s club, but Tina Fey proved that laughter is gender-blind with her years on SNL and her hit tv show “30 Rock.”

9. They can even do this now.

It’s a brand new day.

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