22 Kick Ass Women We Want To Be Like

We want to be like…

1. …Condoleeza Rice, breaking stereotypes left and right.

2. …J.K. Rowling and inspire millions to read

3. …Adele to sing with soul, win 8 Grammys, and defy Karl Lagerfeld.

4. …Karlie Kloss as a beach bombshell, kicking ass and still looking fabulous.

5. …Angelina Jolie, making the world a better place through her humanitarian work.

6. …Gravity-defying Gabby Douglas

7. …First Lady, Senator, Almost-President, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and still bustin’ moves on the dancefloor.

8. …Iris Apfel, still a fashion icon at 90.

9. …Mia Hamm: the best women’s soccer player.

10. …Retired supermodel Christy Turlington, making documentaries about maternal health and education worldwide.

11. …Diana Vreeland rising to the top of Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue, and landing a spot on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.

12. …Lady Gaga, always comfortable with ourselves.

13. …Oprah, so generous, giving everyone all the things.

14. …Grace Coddington, making fashion magical as American Vogue’s creative director.

Creative Director for American Vogue

15. …Melinda Gates, devoting our fortune to help the most needy.

16. …Ellen Degeneres, and have the courage to come out to the world.

17. …Carmelita Jeter, setting world records.

18. …Kate Moss, looking good dressed in anything (or nothing).

19. …Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice.

20. …Madonna, and reinvent ourselves every couple years.

21. …Anna Wintour and run the fashion world for 25 years while rocking a bob cut.

22. …McKayla Maroney. Unimpressed.

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