What Is The Washington Post Worth?

The newspaper was sold Monday to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million. Alex Rodriguez, Snapchat, and a Cézanne painting are all worth more.

1/4th of Tumblr.

1/4th of Instagram.

1/3rd of Snapchat.

3.5 Boston Globes.

$65 million less than the Huffington Post.

1/6th of the Washington Redskins.

Haha, the Washington Post is worth less than 1/6th of the Redskins. #Scoreboard

— DanSnyderCares (@Dan Snyder Cares)

More than Nationals player Jayson Werths.

So, turns out The Washington Post is worth two Jayson Werths.

— AdamKilgoreWP (@Adam Kilgore)

Less than A-Rod.

Somehow, Alex Rodriguez is worth $275 million and the Washington Post is only worth $250 million.

— TheJRob (@Jeff Roberts)

More than several small countries.

In case you were wondering, @washingtonpost is worth more than the GDP of six countries.

— PFSwarts (@Phillip Swarts)

Less than this painting.

C�e9zanne "The Card Players" sold for $259 million two years ago. A painting is worth more than the Washington Post.

— EddyElfenbein (@Eddy Elfenbein)

One percent of Jeff Bezos’ net worth.

Fun fact, Jeff Bezos only spent about 1 percent of his net worth on the Washington Post.

— nvisser (@Nick Visser)

One-half of a mogul.

The Washington Post is worth half of Jay Z.

— jesseltaylor (@Jesse Taylor)

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